Future of Forestry Hackathon Background:

The forest economy is vital to New England but industry has been slow to integrate technology in their processes. Vermont is 75% wooded land and has 2.5 million acres of land enrolled in the current land use program with an average land track size of 63 acres. That makes for ~40,000 active forestry plans. Vermont has a limited number of foresters available to review and enforce these plans available, making the task virtually impossible to properly manage and administer land.

Adding to this, existing information systems do not provide information needed to make real time decisions that could improve supply chain. One of the bottlenecks common to all the value chains is inadequate information about the availability of raw materials, whether standing timber slated for harvest, logs, low-grade wood, lumber or other materials.

The Hack:

Create a solution that adds efficiencies in the collection, aggregation and management of forestry data in the field and in the office.

Hackathon Resources:

The list of resource below will help you contextualize the challenges in the forestry & wood products industry today. We recommend you start by reviewing the Vermont Forest Sector Systems Analysis report.

Judging Criteria

See judging criteria here.